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Ice Fishing

Northern lights over tipi in Abisko

Aurora BBQ

Catching cod in the fjords of Norway near Narvik

Fjord Fishing

Enjoying the auroras and the winter wonderland in Abisko on a tour with snowmobiles

Aurora Snowmobile trip

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Fjord Sightseeing

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Daytime Snowmobile trip

Fjord sightseeing and photography tour

The spectacular scenery that greets us as we head into Norway makes this tour something truly special. Mountains stand majestically up all around the fjords and lakes and the sea never fully freezes. We may even see eagles, orcas and porpoises, though we can’t guarantee it!

This tour offers a wide range of photo opportunities. We set off from Abisko and head west alongside the magical Lake Torenträsk in our minibuses, crossing the border into Norway at Riksgränsen.

During the trip we stop at some of the beautiful and historically significant places along the way and the guide will tell you about the area and history. The landscape changes dramatically as we head towards the fjords.

There are a multitude of different fjords and routes we can choose, and where we go depends on the weather conditions of the day as well as the interest of the guests.

We will make a stop in either Narvik or Bjerkvik where you can buy lunch.

We start at the reception of Abisko Guesthouse and do pickups at STF, Björkliden and Riksgränsen. Plese let us know if you need a pick up.

You may rent a camera if you don't have your own and don't want to just use your phone. We have a total of 8 cameras. You will need either an SD card or a Micro SD card with an SD adapter. You can purchase SD cards from Abisko Guesthouse if you don't have one.

The minimum required participants for the tour to go ahead is 3. The tour may be canceled on short notice under severe weather conditions and the road to Norway risks getting closed. If we have to cancel the tour you can choose between a rescheduled tour, an alternative activity or a full refund.

Starting time: 09:00 -11:00 depending on season and weather
Duration 5-6h


Adult: 1550 sek

Child: 750 sek

Min 2 adults

Camera: 200 sek

SD-card 250 sek

Aurora BBQ

We start in our BBQ hut below Abisko Guesthouse, with a beautiful view of Lake Torne träsk and there we BBQ a local Sami meat called 'souvas' with vegetables. The dinner will be cooked in a very large dish in the center of the room over an open fire, in the traditional Sami way. Souvas is made from lightly smoked reindeer meat and is delicious.

While the food is being cooked, the guide tells stories about the Swedish Sami people and the history of the region. With the fire in front of us and the quiet environment around us, it is a very appreciated dinner for our guests.

We the food is cooking we can sit inside the warm BBQ house while keeping an eye on the sky in case the auroras should appear.

Once we are happy and full, we take the minibuses out to find a great spot for seeing and photographing the auroras. We stop as soon as we see it and always have plenty of time for taking photos. Our guides can help you get a good shot, on your camera. Our best tip is to be patient, it can take time before the northern lights appear.

You can also rent a camera with a tripod if you don't have your own. If you rent a camera an SD card or MicroSD with adapter is required. If you don't have one you can purchase one before the start of the tour.

We have both fish and vegan options available and can accommodate most allergies and special diets. Just write any special requirements as a booking note.

Starting point is at the reception of abisko Guesthouse. We can provide pick-up from STF, please let us know if you need a pick-up.

Starting time: 18:00 - 20:00 depending on the season

Duration 3-3,5h


Adult: 1200 sek

Child: 650 sek

Min 3 adults

Fjord Fishing

Fishing is a big part of the Norwegian way of life and a vital source of food for centuries. Even up in the far north, the fjords don't freeze so we experience the magic of fishing there all year round. The Gulf Stream and the tides keeps the water flowing and this warmer water brings an abundance of fish in close to the shores, common fishes to catch are Cod, Pollock and sand dab.

We start this shore fishing tour by heading out westwards from Abisko Guesthouse in our minibuses and cross the border into Norway. There are a variety of places to fish in and each fjord looks and feels special in their own way, with its own majestic landscape and views that take the breath away. Which fjord we head to depends on the conditions - our guide will pick the best one for that day's fishing.

Once we arrive at one of the beautiful shorelines, the guide will help you get set up - we provide all the equipment you'll need to fish from the shore. And don't worry if you don't have much fishing experience, the guide will teach you everything you need to know.

While we fish, we take in the spectacular scenery around us, from the snowy-topped sharp peaks of the mountains to arctic greenery round the shoreline.

Before we head back we will cook up some fresh fish for lunch. It doesn't get much more fresh than that.

(we'll bring some back up food in case fishing is really bad)

Apart from the fish the tour also includes sides and soft drinks for lunch. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Starting time: 09:00-11:00 depending on season

Duration: 5-6h

Price:1200 sek/person

Min 2 people

Daytime snowmobile trip

A snowmobile is the best way to get around the winter wonderland that is the Abisko Valley. We travel up the valley along the edge of the national park, and if the weather is good we can even go up towards the mountains for some absolutely spectacular views. We may also head out on the lake Torne träsk if weather permits.

We also encounter wildlife regularly, moose, reindeer, hares and ptarmigans are all common sights. We will make several stops along the way to enjoy the view and take pictures, and at one stop we will serve some warm drinks and light snacks.

Choose either driving your own snowmobile, share with a friend or go in the sled behind the guide. If you want to drive a snowmobile you need to be 18 years old and have a drivers license valid in the EU. 15-17 year olds may go on the back seat of a snowmobile with an adult. 7-14 year olds may go in the sled behind the guide. We do not recommend this tour for children under the age of 7.

Drivers need to be at the starting location 30 minutes before the start time of the tour. Drivers are responsible for damages caused to snowmobiles.

If you book driving spots and sled spots for the same day on the same time slot you will be on the same tour.

Drivers need to be ready 30 minutes before the start of the tour for driving instructions.

The tour takes about 2 hours and include

For drivers:
Driving instructions

For everyone:
Warm clothing
Warm drinks
Light snacks

Starting time 09:30-14:00 depending on season

Duration:. About 2h

Driving 2 people per snowmobile: 2800 sek
Driving your own snowmobile: 2000 sek
Adult in sled: 950 sek
Child 7-14 in sled: 600 sek

Min 2 adults in sled or 1 snowmobile

Aurora Snowmobile trip

When it comes to Aurora chasing the snowmobile offers a freedom like no other, if there is clear sky anywhere nearby the snowmobile can probably take you there, you can move much faster than on foot and unlike the cars they are not limited by where there happens to be roads.

On this tour we usually head up trough the Abisko valley along the edge of the national park to get away from the lights of the village, then depending on the conditions we may do any number of things depending on conditions, we may drive up the mountains to get away from fog, we could head up trough the national park towards Abiskojaure or we could go out on the massive lake Torne Träsk, the guide will decide what looks best for the particular tour.

We will make several stops along the way to look for the aurora, enjoy the landscape, take pictures, change drivers or play in the snow.

You may choose to either drive your own snowmobile, share a snowmobile with a friend or ride in the behind the guide.

The tour includes snowsuits, boots, hats or helmets for drivers and gloves. Remember to dress warm, for more details see our FAQ page.

We also include warm drinks and a light snack.

Drivers must come 30 minutes before the start of the tour for driving instructions.

You must be 18 years old and have a drivers license valid in the EU to drive a snowmobile on a tour

If you want both driving spots and sled spots just book them for the same day and they will be the same tour.

Starting time 19:00-20:00 depending on season

Duration:. About 2-3h

Driving 2 people per snowmobile: 2800 sek
Driving your own snowmobile: 2000 sek
Adult in sled: 950 sek
Child 7-14 in sled: 600 sek

Min 2 adult in sled or 1 snowmobile


Have you ever wondered how to catch fish when the lake is frozen? Come join this trip for an introduction on how ice fishing works. We have by far the most experienced ice fishing guides in Abisko and we keep all out equipment in top condition to make sure you get the best possible experience.

First we go by either car or snowmobile to get to a suitable lake. In the beginning of the season it's the smaller lakes around Abisko and later in the season it's usually the big lake named Torne Träsk that dominates the landscape north or Abisko.

Once we get to our lake for the day we will show you how to drill holes, what equipment to use and how to use it properly.

In many of the lakes the water is so clear that you can actually look down the hole and see the fish when it comes in to go for your bait.

The most common fish to catch are Arctic char, grayling and burbot. If you are lucky you may also catch whitefish or trout, and in a couple of lakes you may also catch perch.

You do not need any prior fishing experience or equipment, we provide everything you will need and we will teach you everything you need to know.

The tour included fishing equipment, warm drinks, a light snack and warm clothing.

If you want to you may keep any fish above their species minimum size for food. The guide can help with cleaning the fish for you as well as some tips on how to cook it. All the fish you can catch around Abisko are good food.

Starting time 09:30-14:00 depending on season

Duration:. About 2h

Adult: 950 sek
Child: 650 sek

Min 2 adults

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