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Would you like to book your very own private experience, maybe you want to have a birthday party, a prpopsal under the Aurora or over a fjord in Norway, or maybe you just don't want to share the tour with other tourists. When you book a private tour you can be sure you will be by yourself with the guide or guides for the whole tour, this also means we can customize the tour to your liking more than we otherwise could and all sorts of special arrangements can be made.

Private Ice Fishing Expedition

Torne träsk and the multitude of smaller lakes in the area holds a very uniqe set of fishes, and from late octobet until spring you can head out on the ice to try and catch them.

The fishes we commonly catch are Arctic Char, Grayling and Burbot, but there are also Trout that you can catch if you are lucky, and in a couple of places you can also find Whitefish and Perch. And all of those fishes are excellent food. Other fish that can be seen are minnows, sculpins and sticklebacks, but they are mutch to small for us to catch. Let us know if you have any preference for any particular species of fish and we will try our best for you to catch that one.

Join us for an unforgettable full day ice fishing experience. We will provide you with hig quality equippment and a guide that has been doing ice fishing for many years.

With the longer format we can take you further and to multiple different spots that the other ice fishing trips offered in the area.

During the tour we will have firewood with us so we can make a bonfire and the guide can prepare and cook the fish we catch, or if luck is being bad we will bring some back up food just in case. We will also have warm drinks and snacks on the tour.

Depending on the season and conditions we may go either by car or by snowmobile and sled.

Warm outher clothing is included, see our FAQ page for details on how to best dress warm.

Starting time: 09:00 -10:00
Duration 5-6h

Price from: 8500sek

Private Aurora BBQ

We start in our BBQ hut ot tipi below Abisko Guesthouse, with a beautiful view of Lake Torneträsk and there we BBQ a local Sami meat called 'souvas' with vegetables. The dinner will be cooked in a very large dish in the center of the room over an open fire, in the traditional Sami way. Souvas is m lightly smoked reindeer meat and is delicious. If you want to customoze the food let us know.

While the food is being cooked, the guide tells stories about the Swedish Sami people and the history of the region. And answer any questions you might have.

We the food is coocking we can sit inside the  BBQ house or tipi with the fire going while keeping an eye on the sky in case the auroras should apear.

Once we are happy and full, we take the minibuses out to find a great spot for seeing and photographing the aurora. We stop as soon as we see it and always have plenty of time for taking photos. Our guides can help you get a good shot, on your camera.

If you don't have a camera you can rent one or more, just bring your own SD card, or you can add the photoshoot option and the guide will bring a camera and take pictures of the aurora and of you and at the end of the tour you can keep the SD card with the pictures.

We have both fish and vegan options avalible and can accomodate most allergies and special diets. Just message us with any special requirements

We can also add special requests if you wish like a birthday cake for dessert or extra side dishes if there is something special you would like to try.

We can pick you up from any location within the village of Abisko and the STF at no extra cost. Other pick up locations are possible but may costs extra.

Starting time: 18:00 - 20:00

Duration 3-4h

Price from 7500 sek

Camera and tripod 250 sek

SD card: 250 sek

Private Fjord sightseeing and photography tour

The spectacular scenery that greets us as we head into Norway makes this tour something truly special. Mountains stand majestically up all around the fjords and lakes and the sea never fully freezes. We may even see eagles, orcas and porpises, though we can’t guarantee it!

This tour offers a wide range of photo oportunities. We set off from Abisko and head west alongside the magical Lake Torenträsk in our minibuses, crossing the border into Norway at Riksgränsen.

During the trip we stop at some of the beautiful and historically significant places along the way and the guide will tell you about the area and history. The landscape changes dramatically as we head towards the fjords.

There are a multitude of different fjords and routes we can choose, and since it's a private tour it's largely up to you to choose wich route you want to take. The guide will of course advice you on what the options are and what is likely to be best for the day.

We will make a stop in either Narvik or Bjerkvik where you can buy lunch.

Let us know in advance if you have any special requests, we will let you know if it's possible and if it will cost extra.

The tour starts anywhere you would like in Abisko, just choose the option "pick up" when checking out and let us know where you want to be picked up. We can alos add pick up later or change the location

You may rent a camera if you don't have your own and don't want to just use your phone. We have a total of 8 cameras. You will need either an SD card or a Micro SD card with an SD adapter. You can purchase SD cards from Abisko Guesthouse if you don't have one.

Starting time: 09:00 -10:00
Duration 5-6h

Price from: 6200sek

Camera: 200 sek per camera

SD-card 250 sek

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