Experience Abisko

Clear and easy to find terms and conditions for bookings and tours

The booking will be considered confirmed once payment has been processed.

Confirmed bookings are refundable until 14 days before the start of the tour. After that bookings are not refunded unless force majeure prevents the guest from participating. The guest may be required to prove force majeure. Examples include but are not limited to sudden illness, travel restrictions imposed after the booking of the tour and closed roads.

Should Experience Abisko not be able to provide the tour you have booked due to external factors like severe weather you may choose to reschedule, do an alternative tour or receive a full refund.

If the minimum number of guests for a tour is not reached the tour may be canceled. The guests will be offered to rescheduel or to recive a full refund. Any guest may purchase extra spots if they wish to do the tour without the minimum nuber of guests.

The minimum is 3 guests for fjord sightseeing and fjord fishing and 4 guests for Aurora BBQ.

If a tour gets canceled because the minimum number has not been reached the guests will be informed no less than 6h prior to the start of the tour.

Experience Abisko may send information about changes to tours via the E-mail provided doring booking. Experience Abisko may also attempt to contact customers via any provided phone number if we need to give you information about your tour. It is the guests responsibility to ensure they are able to recive comunications. Experience Abisko is not responsible for isses that may occur from the guest not reciving sent out information.

Experience Abisko is not responsible for losses due to currency exchange rates, bank fees and similar in case of refunds.

If the guest does not show up to the meeting point within 15 minutes of the starting time the tour will start without them. Guests who miss their tour will not be refunded.

Experience Abisko reserves the rights to change the starting time of the tours if the conditions require. If the time is changed by more than 1 hour the guest may cancel the booking for a full refund.

The guide may at their discretion exclude guests from tours without a refund if they endanger or threaten the guide, other guests or themselves or if they act in a way that significantly disturbs other guests or disrupt the normal operations of the tour.

Pets are not allowed on any of our tours.

The exact duration of tours may vary due to external factors like weather conditions and the Aurora. If you have an exact time you need to be back you need to inform us prior to the start of the tour. Experience Abisko is not responsible for delays caused by external factors.

If a guest intentionally or by recklessness destroy or damage equipment they will be required to pay for repairs or replacements.

Experience Abisko can only guarantee the guests safety as long as they follow the guides instructions.

Anyone under the age of 15 is considered a child. Children must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old, the adult is responsible for the saftey of the child and that the child follows the other therms and conditions. 15-17 year olds may join tour by themselves but are not allowed to be responsible for children.

We do not reccomend that children under the age of 3 join the Fjord sightseeing and photography tour since it takes several hours and if the child causes a significant disturbance for the other guests there might be significant extra costs involved for the parent if you must be excluded from the tour and requires alternate transportation back to Abisko.

If you wish to bring small children for the Aurora BBQ be extra mindful of their clothing and bring heat pads if it's really cold, children lose body heat a lot faster than adults.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer your questions.